9 June 2021

    discord server

    discord server The chat application discord , which is frequently used by the players ,…
    6 June 2021

    http error

    http error – http status http error s are codes that help us understand whether…
    29 March 2021

    Dedicated server – hosting

    Forget slow dedicated server hosting – get a server that’s literally just for you Opting…
    26 March 2021

    Shared hosting

    shared hosting Shared hosting is the provision of the resources of a single physical internet…
    24 March 2021

    Joomla hosting

    what is joomla hosting? Hey guys, we are going to discuss the best joomla hosting…

    Domain search - Domain check

    Web Domain Checker


    domain searchdomain check : First of all, you must enter the domain name you want to query in the search box. You can see other domain names that you can use other than the domain you entered. If the domain name has not been registered before, it is currently idle. You can get it now



      9 June 2021

      Amazon wants DeFi experience in its job posting.

      amazon wants defi experience in its job posting cryptocurrency news – An Amazon job posting is looking for candidates who are passionate about blockchain…
      9 June 2021

      Warren Buffett to invest $500M in BTC-powered digital bank

      Warren Buffett to invest $500M in BTC-powered digital bank Cryptocurrency News – Warren Buffett, who has been clearly hostile to Bitcoin in his…
      9 June 2021

      El Salvador Bitcoin

      el salvador: first country to adopt bitcoin as legal currency A positive news for bitcoin, which has experienced a sharp…

      what is dedicated server and what is it used for

      dedicated servers; In such servers, all physical hardware, special software and resources contained in this hardware are given exclusively to a single person or company. The dedicated server provides the opportunity to install an operating system on demand and offers fast management.

      To put it more simply, when you buy hosting, you are renting a part of the server. In dedicated servers, on the other hand, you get the entire server directly instead of taking one of the parts split inside the server.

      Although the dedicated server has its disadvantages, its advantages are more dominant. For example, your site will be extremely fast because the infrastructure of your site is robust in seo. You will get points by google because you will have a static ip which will also give google. In this way, you will not have any problems in any situation.

      what is dedicated server
      what is dedicated server

      what is the difference between dedicated server and shared server

      Shared server is economical in terms of cost, more likely. According to dedicated servers, you may encounter various risks from time to time.

      dedicated server is more efficient at meeting your high resource needs and will ensure you have a solid infrastructure that will not cause performance loss.

      What are the advantages of a dedicated server

      Being independent in terms of software and hardware resources allows you to achieve higher performance.
      Allows you to select the server as the server’s resources are owned by a single company or individual.
      You will be able to configure the necessary infrastructure features for your project as you wish.
      Dedicated servers offer high throughput traffic and you get more
      performance server service.
      You have the opportunity to manage the server yourself. If you do this, you can gain experience in data security.
      yourself rather than your service provider.

      what are the disadvantages of a dedicated server

      In a dedicated server, all services run on the same server, that is
      Any problem will affect all services within the server. Therefore, it is weaker than the cloud server in terms of business continuity.
      A rapid resource increase cannot be achieved. Reducing resources is not preferred for this.
      During operations such as resource transfer, the server must be down for a certain period of time.
      In backup or recovery situations, fast and efficient operations are not possible as in the cloud server.

      who should use a dedicated server

      Users who think that the shared server resources are not enough.
      Multi-user or high-traffic websites that want to connect to the server.
      Online game clients etc. software owners or low-budget mobile applications.

      outriders server status

      outriders server status
      outriders server status

      New news for outriders players. While the servers are now much more stable, that wasn’t the case initially. With the game arriving as an xbox-game pass day one title and the latest People Can Fly’s attention, the servers have been under pressure The studio has done a great job of being transparent about all sorts of things with more detailed updates on what’s going on and what’s coming next. . If you want to learn more details, you can check our outriders server status page.

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