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      Dedicated server – hosting

      Dedicated server Forget sluggish dedicated server hosting – get a server that is actually only for you Opting for a…

      What is dedicated server?

      Dedicated server is a type of server where all physical hardware and
      resources are specially charged to a single customer or company. dedicated
      provides the opportunity to set up the desired operating system and offers a fast management
      To put it more simply, when you buy hosting, you are renting a part of the server. In dedicated servers, you get the server directly. Although the dedicated server has its disadvantages, its advantages are more dominant. For
      example, your site will be extremely fast as the infrastructure of your site is solid in SEO. Also google will give
      you + points since you will have a static IP. In this way, you will not have any trouble easily.

      Dedicated server vs shared server difference?

      Although shared server are economical in terms of cost, they are more likely to
      encounter various risks from time to time than dedicated servers.
      dedicated server are more efficient in meeting the high resource needs you
      need. It will enable you to have a solid infrastructure that will not cause performance loss.

      What are the advantages of a dedicated server?

      • It allows you to get higher performance because all the software and hardware belong to you.
      • Being independent in terms of software and hardware resources allows you to achieve higher performance.
      • Since the resources of the server belong to a single company or person, it allows you to choose the
        infrastructure features required for your project as you wish.
      • Dedicated servers offer high capacity traffic space and you get more
        performance server service.
      • You have the opportunity to manage the server yourself. You can gain experience in data security if you do it
        yourself instead of your service provider.

      What are the disadvantages of a dedicated server?

      • In dedicated server, all services run on the same server, so in case
        of any problem, all services within the server are affected. Therefore, it is weaker than cloud server in terms of business continuity.
      • A rapid resource increase cannot be achieved. For this, it is not preferred to reduce resources.
      • During operations such as resource transfer, the server must remain down for a certain period of time.
      • In cases of backup or recovery, fast and efficient operations are not possible as in cloud server.

      Who should use a dedicated server?

      • Users who feel that shared server resources are not sufficient.
      • Websites with a lot of users who want to connect to the server or with high traffic.
      • Online game clients etc. software owners or low-budget mobile applications.
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