Best VPN services

what is vpn?

In general, we can name VPN as Virtual Private Network, which allows users to access censored websites on the internet, in terms of access blocking. VPN networks help users connect to another network over an IP and protect users’ information.

best vpn services

Searching for a free VPN can become a really tedious process if you don’t know where to look. With this list, we choose the best free VPN services for you. If your internet provider doesn’t allow the sites you want to access, or if you don’t want to be tracked while surfing the internet, we say take a look.

best vpn services
best vpn services

nordvpn as a cybersecurity method

nordvpn stands out as one of the first choices of those who use vpn services to hide their network and internet traffic.

The encryption method included in the service aims to protect you, especially on Wi-Fi networks that are in common use. While your web activity is hidden, you are protected from annoying ads and cyber attacks.

Of course, nordvpn‘s encryption technique has the greatest impact on ensuring this security. Having a powerful IPsec package, the service also supports IKEv2 (for iOS devices), which is the extension of this protocol.

Using 256-bit AES encryption, the service constantly renews the firewall it created for the network, using the 3072-bit Diffie-Hellman encryption algorithm. This way, even if an attacker manages to gain access to your network, the next time they try, they will be blocked automatically because the network encryption has changed.

how to buy nordvpn

nordvpn provides active network protection support for both your mobile devices and computers. You can subscribe to this VPN service, which you can use as a monthly subscription, both through a web browser and via a mobile application. When you create a subscription plan, you can install up to 6 different devices and ensure your network security by choosing one of over 5 thousand servers.

nordvpn does not have a free version. In other words, you need to purchase a subscription to use this service. Since there is no free version, you can use NordVPN for free for a month after you create a membership.

Another convenience of the application is its simple design. You can easily select the service you want with a few minor changes on the settings menu. In this section, you can choose when to launch nordvpn, ad-blocking options, and the VPN protocol you want to use.

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best free vpn services
best free vpn services

the best free vpn services

With this content we have prepared, we are especially directed to users who do not want to change their browser preferences. Because, as you know, Opera has been offering free Adblock and free VPN support on both mobile and web for a long time.



One of the biggest issues when it comes to free VPN services is speed limits. Here Speedify aims to give as high a performance as possible at these speed limits. The service, which hides your internet identity, offers very solid internet speed on social networks like Instagram and Snapchat.

With more than 30 server support, Speedify keeps your speed capacity at the highest point in both ethernet and 3G/4G connections. The worst part of the service is that it only sets a 1GB quota per month for free usage. The app is available for download for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.

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Our next application is PrivateTunnel, which is also available for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. Among the applications we will show you, PrivateTunnel is perhaps the easiest to use. PrivateTunnel, which is both a free and paid application, sets a 200 MB quota for a 7-day trial period.

If you are satisfied with this use, you can start using PrivateTunnel for $ 30 per year. The application, which serves over servers distributed over nine different regions, can be installed on 3 different devices with a single subscription.

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hotspot shield free

Now it’s time for one of the most famous apps on our list. If you connect to the internet a lot from Wi-Fi points, Hotspot Shield Free is the best option to protect your privacy.

Although the free section is slower than all other services, the 750 MB daily usage right makes Hotspot Shield Free incredibly attractive. You can connect to any one of Hotspot Shield Free’s 20 different points around the world and switch to Elite membership. In the free application, you cannot choose your region.

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Let’s say it like this; If your only concern is accessing sites that your internet provider has banned you, Freelan is probably not for you. If you are a standard user, the other applications on our list will be much more suitable for you.

But if you want to get a little more technical and make lots of adjustments, Freelan is a very suitable choice for you.

The only problem here is that Freelan does not come with a graphical interface. Users must specify their settings in command lines.

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One of the most robust free VPN applications on our list. With its high security and generous data quota, Windscribe manages to make a name for itself.

Giving a quota of 10 GB for each month, Windscribe manages to delight its users with this aspect. In addition, by choosing from 8 different regions, you can connect to the internet from anywhere. On the quota side, if you mention the service on Twitter, you get an additional 5 GB quota, and if every friend invites you, you get an additional 1 GB quota.

Apart from these, Windscribe comes with its own firewall and adblocker service.

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ProtonVPN offers both paid and free options. With the free option, you can connect to three countries on a single device. It should also be noted that support is offered for all platforms.

On the other hand, the free option is quite slow compared to the paid ones. It is stated that no records are kept while underlining that confidentiality is kept at the forefront.

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We’ve come to the end of the list. If what you’re looking for is the fastest and easiest to use, you won’t find an app like TunnelBear around easily.

Support for more than 20 locations, more than 1000 servers and usage support for up to 5 devices are the first prominent features of TunnelBear. In addition, the only difference between the paid and free service model is the monthly data quota provided to you. If you choose the free subscription, 500 MB quota is given every month.

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