Cryptocurrency; It is a fully digital but encrypted currency that can be used in barter transactions. We can answer the question of what is crypto money as a stock exchange, digital money and virtual currency, which uses cryptography technologies and is a digital alternative to traditional currencies. These virtual currencies have no physical equivalent. It is completely digital.

It can be used to verify cryptocurrency exchanges. Cryptocurrencies use cryptography encryption to perform transactions reliably.

We cannot say that there is only one answer to the question of how crypto money is produced. There are multiple methods of producing cryptocurrencies. First of all, we should know the following about cryptocurrencies; Cryptocurrencies are not affiliated with an authority or government. The production of these coins is user-based, just like their formation.

We can divide these methods into three categories; Proof of Stake (PoS – Proof of value), Proof of Work (PoW – Proof of work done) and fixed amount or developer controlled production. The production of cryptocurrencies is formed by the combination of a number of complex methods. These processes proceed in the form of mining. In short; Cryptocurrency producers are also mining in the digital world, just like miners’ excavations to find minerals.

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