We are happy to share information about the latest developments in our game blog, where we write about the server status, updates, experiences and criticisms of the most played online and offline games around the world, together with the developing world and the technological tools that have entered our lives, as well as the developing media technology.

We tried to include the most popular games such as valheim, minecraft, csgo (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive) among our blog articles, but we also prepare articles for games that have reached a certain audience, even if they are rarely played, so do not worry. You read, we write :)

  • minecraft server

    minecraft server

    minecraft server With the answer to the question “what are the best minecraft server” in the minds of minecraft server…

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  • valheim portals

    valheim portal

    construction and use of valheim portal valheim portal is one of the materials that make the game easier. Since the…

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  • Outriders server issues

    outrider server status

    outriders server status outriders server status are going down intermittently following a huge launch across PS4, Xbox One and PC…

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