To put it briefly, these computers that allow you to store the files of your website and make them accessible to internet users are called web servers, and this data storage and publishing process is called web hosting.

By renting a web space, you usually get other services at the same time. For example, most importantly, the ability to create and manage an e-mail account and receive and send e-mails. Without your web domain, you cannot manage your domain name’s e-mails, you cannot send and receive e-mails. In other words, in order to create and manage your e-mail account, you must acquire a hosting domain.

Some service providers also offer co-location or virtual server (vds or virtual server) services on your behalf for solutions for more advanced professional demands.

These domain services are divided into two basic types, called Linux and Windows. Depending on your software, you can have a hosting service by choosing Linux or Windows.

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