A server is a computer or system that delivers resources, data, services or programs to other computers, known as clients, over the network. Theoretically, whenever a computer shares its resources with client machines, that computer is considered a server. There are different types of servers such as web server, mail server or virtual server.

A system can use the resources of another system while offering its resources to another system. In this case, the system acts both as a server and as a client. For a system to work as a server, the device must be programmed to respond to requests sent by the client over the network. This may be possible with an operating system, an application, or both.

The types of servers vary according to the purpose they serve. Many networks contain one or more server types. There are some main types of servers that are most common. To list them, we can specify them as file server, print server, application server, dns server, mail server, database server, virtual server, proxy server and monitoring and management servers.

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