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el salvador: first country to adopt bitcoin as legal currency

A positive news for bitcoin, which has experienced a sharp loss in value in recent months, came from El Salvador, a Central American country. The country, which uses the US dollar as its official currency, has signed a first in the world by accepting Bitcoin as a legal currency.

el salvador bitcoin


In the Central American country of El Salvodar, Bitcoin was accepted as legal currency. The proposal was approved by the congress in the country.

Thus, El Salvador became the first state to adopt a cryptocurrency as legal currency. In the country with a population of 6.5 million, in addition to the US dollar, bitcoin will also be able to be used as legal currency.

el salvador crypto investment promise

President Nayib Bukele announced that the proposal was accepted with 62 votes. Bukele, who is the grandson of a family who immigrated to Central America from Palestine with an Ottoman passport, said in a statement the previous day that if Bitcoin was accepted as a legal currency, his country would become ‘one of the most important money centers in the world’.

Prior to the vote, Bukele suggested that the legalization of Bitcoin would bring investment, tourists, innovation and economic development to the country.

Bukele, in the message he gave on his Twitter account 2 days ago, emphasized that the value of Bitcoin in the market is 680 billion dollars at the moment, and that if only 1 percent of this money comes to the country as an investment, the Gross National Product will increase by 25 percent.

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