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what is joomla hosting?

Hey guys, we are going to discuss the best joomla hosting for Joomla users, and we will try to make this article very newbie-friendly.

By making this article newbie-friendly, we aimed to explain almost all you need to know about joomla CMS and hosting itself in plain language. Almost everyone knows that starting to develop a website from scratch has never been an easy process.

A bad hosting provider for your website is a wrong way to start, knowing the best hosting providers for whatever CMS platform you want your site to be hosted on is a great way to start. Since we are focusing this article on the best joomla hosting for Joomla users, let us first discuss what is Joomla content management system.

joomla hosting
joomla hosting

What is joomla?

joomla is one of the leading tools in the creation of websites, and it is among the most awarded Content Management System (CMS) worldwide. There are more than 30 million web pages created with Joomla.

You have more than 10,000 components at your disposal that will allow you to expand the functionality of your website with options such as a virtual store, newsletters, forums, image galleries and endless possibilities that do not stop growing.

joomla allows you to manage all your website efficiently, create a new section, modify the current ones, add new images, create new menu options and almost anything you need you can do quickly and without technical knowledge.

If you have just basic knowledge of Word (Microsoft Word) or any other text editor you can efficiently manage your website. Joomla is an Open Source, that means you can use it for free, and almost 95% of the components for joomla are also free; that is why it is among the top CMS today.

joomla hosting
Hosting types

Think WordPress is the only game in town when it comes to content management systems (CMS)? Sure, it’s pretty popular, mostly because it’s so user-friendly. But even WordPress has its limitations.

That’s where Joomla comes in. A powerful yet easy-to-use open-source software CMS. Joomla’s advanced options allow for extensive customization. This makes it popular amongst Web publishers, businesses, and developers.

Managing E-Commerce sites with joomla hosting

joomla hosting
joomla hosting

Need to manage your e-commerce site? Joomla can do it. Want to build a catalog of the products you sell? Try Joomla. Ready to try a custom reservation system for your restaurant?

Get joomla. It can do all these things and much more. For the most part, though, and for most website publishers, joomla is a convenient CMS.

From personal websites and blogs to corporate sites, Joomla can handle pretty much whatever you throw at it.

The CMS isn’t just for Internet-accessible websites, though. It can also be used to build company intranets that help employees stay in touch and informed.

Various top hosts support joomla

The key to using joomla to build your site is to find a host that supports it. This is not a difficult undertaking. Many hosts make Joomla available via the majority of their hosting plans.

It does install a bit differently than wordpress does. Joomla is available as a script you can install on your site with just a click.The best part? It’s free. joomla (or, to give it its full name, ‘Joomla!’) is one of many applications dished out to web hosting customers for free.

joomla hosting
joomla hosting

An ideal CMS for developers

It actually goes one stage further: Joomla can be used as the basis for web applications as well. As well as being a content management system (CMS), it is also a web application framework.

The two components of joomla can be used together or separately. Joomla is ideal for the development of portals, blogs, and corporate websites.

It can also be developed into an e-commerce platform, an application bridge or a dynamic web application. Developers can extend the default features and code custom parts in PHP and MySQL.

History of joomla

Joomla was launched in 2005 as a fork from the now-defunct Mambo CMS, with 1.5 being released in January 2008 and version 3 appearing in September 2012. New releases are scheduled every six months.

A globally popular open-source software applications

The software is open source and freely distributable under the GNU General Public License. Like many other open source tools, it relies on the support of a network of developers who continue to innovate and breathe life into the software. To date, the software has been downloaded more than 50 million times.

joomla vs wordpress – Not Better, but Different

Many people weigh up joomla and wordpress (joomla vs wordpress) for websites, but the two applications fulfill different purposes. Joomla is based on a traditional ‘model, view, controller’ (MVC) architecture.

This supports the interactive controls and interfaces that users see. The MVC framework can be used without the CMS system. Joomla is enhanced using extensions, which are discussed further down on this page. On a side note, Joomla can also be installed as a one-click install via Softaculous.

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