outrider server status

outriders server issues

outriders server status

outriders server status are going down intermittently following a huge launch across PS4, Xbox One and PC platforms, with Square Enix also confirming that Crossplay has been turned off.

Outriders server status
Outriders server status

how to check outriders server status?

The easiest way to check the status of the outriders servers is to go directly to the game’s website. Special outriders and square enix servers have made it easy to see the situation when there is any problem on the page.

There is not much information content on the page itself, but you can simply see the working status of the key components of the game and multiplayer services.

outriders server update

Reports of outriders servers being down tonight have dropped, but there are still plenty of players running into issues. The latest update from Square Enix is that they have restarted the outriders servers and have been able to bring back most services across PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Gamers in the US had to wait for the longest, with the outriders support team explaining on Twitter: “The US accounts for a very substantial part of players and therefore could force an overload if brought in at the same time. We needed to split the incoming populations in order to manage loads.

“Our teams will continue to monitor the overall situation. Sorry, we kept you waiting. Godspeed Outriders. Earlier today, we also pushed a short-term resolution for stuttering players might encounter on Steam.” So while Outriders is back online for many gamers tonight, it should be noted that server type outages are possible during the weekend.


Outriders servers are down again today, with Square Enix sharing the latest news via Twitter. The support team are busy trying to fix things, but with so many gamers trying to join in on the action, things are looking tough for the weekend.

The latest news outriders server status news reads: We are about to do the mother of all turn-it-off-and-on-agains. This will take all servers offline for a short duration. The complete downage will allow us to rebuild and recover server infrastructure in order to bring it back into a healthy and stable state.

After this happened, the outriders support team added this: “We are running checks on the restored infrastructure now to ensure it is operating as intended. While we don’t yet have a guaranteed fix or an ETA we are working on getting you back online asap, please stay tuned.

Outriders server issues
Outriders server issues

outriders server status original

Outriders servers are coming under extreme pressure tonight following the launch of the new looter shooter. Released earlier today across all platforms, it’s been on PC where Outriders popularity can be best seen. Steam shows a huge number of gamers logging on to try out Outriders today, having reached over 1 million players at its peak on that one platform.

This number sits at closer to 500K right now but shows how outriders servers could go down again. The latest server status news from Square Enix is that they are looking into the various launch problems, including outage issues.

But PC players have also seen other issues with compatibility, with the outriders team confirming tonight: “Our teams are continuing to monitor the server situation and crossplay/matchmaking connectivity reports. “We are continuing to explore all avenues of investigation re. stuttering issues, including working closely with NVIDIA to investigate Drivers.

We hope to provide more news on this soon. “DX11o was intended to be a backup should DX12 have run into any issues, but we are aware that DX11 is not launching as intended. “We are looking into additional possibilities to enable this and hope to provide news tomorrow.”

As mentioned above, there is a good chance that outriders servers could go down again tonight, depending on how many more players log in. Rocky launches for online games are common and it wouldn’t be surprising if things continue to be wobbly for a few days.

Outriders server issues
Outriders server issues

This follows news that outriders crossplay has been turned off due to a bug causing issues on PC. A message from the outriders team confirms that PlayStation and Xbox gamers can still play together, but PC is limited to Steam and Epic store.

The latest on the Crossplay issues reads: “In preparing the Day 1 builds for PC and Consoles, we discovered a desynchronization between the PC and Console code. “This results in a backend mismatch which causes players to be kicked out of a multiplayer game that includes both Console and PC players.

“We are treating this issue with the highest priority and we are working on patches that will synchronize all platform code, which will resolve these issues. “We have temporarily turned off automatic matchmaking between PC and Consoles. Steam & Epic players can still Crossplay together, either by invite or via matchmaking.

“Should you invite a Console player into your PC game via an invite code (or vice versa), the game will initially connect, but one player will eventually be kicked out of the game. We highly recommend against doing this until we have patched all versions of the game.”

It has been confirmed that a patch is being worked on to fix this Crossplay issue but it won’t be available to download today. And it’s unclear at this time when outriders Crossplay will be re-enabled for PS4, PC and Xbox One players. So gamers should prepare for a flurry of fixes and patches to be launched over the coming week as Square Enix looks to work out all the ongoing kinks.

outriders server down
outriders server down

Outriders server ıssue solutions & PC Performance Fixes

outriders server problems and PC performance issues are causing a lot of headaches, but there are some solutions you can try until the patches start rolling out: While outriders is a pretty impressive looter shooter in a lot of ways, but it’s hard to deny that the game’s server and performance issues are ruining the experience for many players.

Maybe we should be used to these kinds of issues by now (and the difficulty of developing a game during a global pandemic almost certainly exacerbates them), but it’s a shame that outriders hot debut has been cooled slightly by the fact that many people haven’t been able to connect to the game in the first place. Others simply aren’t able to enjoy it without navigating a variety of performance issues.

While outriders’ long-term fixes are going to likely come in the form of official updates and patches, you can make things a little easier on yourself by trying a few of these quick fixes designed to address some of the game’s most immediate issues.

outriders server ıssues: check your connection and the game’s server status

The bad news is that the majority of outriders‘ server problems seem to be based on the fact that so many people are trying to play the game right now. It’s the same problem we typically see whenever a lot of people try to play a new always-online game at the same time. While there’s no great immediate solution for that problem, here are a few basic fixes you can try:

  • Make sure you have a strong internet connection. I know, I know, but it honestly can make the difference between connecting to the game and staring at the title screen. Try using an ethernet cable.
  • We’ll talk about this more later, but outriders currently suffers from some significant crossplay problems that impact PC and console players trying to join the same game. Definitely avoid immediately queuing with friends on opposite platforms if you are able to join the game.
  • As this is an ongoing issue, be sure to keep an eye on the official Outlanders server status website to make sure there aren’t major issues keeping you from connecting.
  • Honestly, just keep trying to log in. Unless there is a major server issue preventing players from connecting, most people are able to eventually launch the game through persistence.

run directX 11 instead of 12 to fix outriders pc stuttering bugs and glitches

Outriders biggest problem on PC at the moment (aside from connection issues) is a strange “stuttering” glitch that affects performance as well the overall quality of the game’s visuals. Fortunately, players are starting to find workaround solutions to this widespread issue.

The most popular fix to the game’s stuttering problems at the moment involves avoiding Direct X 12 altogether. Instead, you’ll want to choose the “Play Outriders – DirectX11” option available to you via a dropdown menu when you launch the game.

outriders server down
outriders server down

Please note that this is not a universal solution. Even if it does work, you’ll likely need to use it alongside a combination of other fixes in order to even temporarily solve the game’s stuttering issues.

try rolling back your nvidia driver update

If you recently updated your Nvidia drivers in preparation for outriders’ release, you may have inadvertently contributed to the game’s visual issues. For the time being, you may want to roll your Nvidia driver back to Version 456.71. The outriders team has brought this up as a possible temporary solution, so while there’s no guarantee that it will work, it does seem like this can help address some of the most glaring issues at the moment.

disable crossplay on console and pc for improved overall performance

As we mentioned before, one of outriders’ biggest technical problems at the moment is the functionality of its crossplay features. By People Can Fly’s own admission, that feature is absolutely not working as intended. Unless you really want to take the risk, we advise PC and console players to disable crossplay until the developers say that it’s safe to go back into those waters again.

For that matter, you might just want to hold off on multiplayer altogether for a little while if the performance problems are really bad. It kind of sucks, but this seems to be one fix that offers 99% of players some kind of performance and stability boost.

how to fix outriders “no hud” glitches

Are you one of the many people currently wondering why there is no HUD in outriders? It turns out that problem can be attributed to a surprisingly common glitch. Fortunately, there’s a reliable solution available:

  • Open outriders‘ menu and go to “Options.”
  • Go to the HUD tab and turn every “On” setting to “Off” (avoid other settings for now).
  • Launch the game.
  • Go back to the HUD tab and enable every option you disabled previously.
  • Leave the Options section and choose “Return to Lobby”
  • Your HUD should be fixed.

There’s a chance you might have to do this more than once as there have been conflicting reports on how “permanent” this fix really is.

try changing your steam friends list settings to “Offline” to improve pc performance

Interestingly, it seems that outriders players on Steam can solve quite a few performance issues simply by going to their “Friends” list on the launcher and choosing to go offline.

Based on what we know about the game’s problems, it sounds like this change helps ensure that the title isn’t constantly searching for friends via Steam. Removing that system communication feature strangely seems to improve overall performance and connection stability.

outriders server status
outriders server status

overshoot outriders pc system requirements

outriders isn’t the most poorly optimized PC game (at least compared to some other recent games), but analysts have found that there’s a pretty good reason why the game’s PC system requirements are so high in the first place.

In fact, you might want to “overshoot” system requirements for the time being. Just ignore the minimum requirements outright (for now), and aim for the recommended requirements as your new minimum. There’s every hope that some early fixes and eventual patches will make the game a bit friendlier to players with lower-end hardware, but for the moment, overkill seems to be the way to go.

adjust cinematic camera smoothing to fix outriders annoying “shaky cam”

This fix isn’t really about some of outriders’ biggest performance issues, but if you find yourself annoyed by the weird way that the camera shakes during outriders’ cutscenes, it turns out there is a solution (kind of). Buried in outriders‘ console and PC options is a setting for “Cinematic Camera Smoothing.”

Some players have reported that setting this to around 0.50 seems to make things the camera a bit more stable, but as always, you’re going to have to play around a bit to get it to your personal comfort zone.

outriders’ optimal pc settings for performance

If you’re desperate to experience high FPS outriders gameplay and can’t wait for updates and patches to fix the title’s underlying issues, then you’ll have to lower some of the game’s core settings.

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outriders server status

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