valheim portal

construction and use of valheim portal

valheim portals
valheim portals

valheim portal is one of the materials that make the game easier. Since the game has a very large map, it is very easy for Valheim players to go from one place to another.

Or when you go to a new place and one of your teammates dies from the attack of the creatures, it can be really annoying for the players in the team to come all the way alone again. The game producers must have thought this way, too, that they thought of adding portals to the game.

valheim portals
valheim portals

valheim portal

Although the working logic of the valheim portals is quite simple, their names should not be forgotten, even they should be supported with the necessary signs on the maps. As we said, Valheim’s map is really huge and there are so many different islands.

If portals are left on even 5-6 of these islands, there may be confusion about where to go. As a result, it will be better for your gaming pleasure if you do not go too far without portals.

In this way, you will not have to go a long way when you want to go to the first settlement, and if you have one of your friends, it will go to you for a long time.

how portals works

valheim portals
valheim portals

The working logic of the portals works as labeling. The labels of the portals you set up in 2 different locations must be the same. Thus, those portals are connected to each other. You can enter one portal and exit the other.

When creating valheim portals, you will need different items and it is not very easy to make. If a portal is actively working, there will be glows on the edges that show this. This shows that the other side of the portal is connected, that is, it is usable.

If you want, you can make multiple portals close by, the sacred protection does not warn you. If you give the same name to the third of the portals, the portal you last named will not work.

In valheim, you can connect to a maximum of two portals by giving them the same name.

Before you go to the places you go by the ship related to the portals, you can set a tag at home and leave an empty portal, and if you leave the portal where you go, you can go using the direct portal instead of returning the way you went when you need to return home.

Extra Information

  • It is very important that you do not leave portals unprotected. When the creatures see the empty portals, they attack and begin to destroy the portal. So you can protect the portals by building walls around them.
  • You are not allowed to take metal with you while teleporting from portals. Therefore, taking this into consideration when you go to excavation, it will save you a great deal of effort if you go by ship or have goods that can make a ship where you go.
    It will be better for you to carry the ship materials you will take on your way to the excavation, if they are medium or large. Because ships of this size have their own chests. In this way, you can store items in your boats.

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