what is amp

what is amp

what is amp; amp, which stands for “accelerated mobile pages“, is among the framework tools developed by Google. The main purpose of AMP technology is to accelerate the access of users who browse on Google to websites. Thanks to this technology, users are not directed to other sites due to late opening of the pages and can reach the site they want to access within milliseconds.

what is amp
what is amp

amp coding can be done on all pages on the websites, as well as on some pages you choose within the site, one by one. This important technology, which provides convenience to both users and site owners, is especially designed for mobile uses. amp technology, which accelerates the navigation in web browsers used on mobile devices, becomes very functional with its distinctive effect.

Some signs are used to understand that access to a website is provided with AMP. Sites with the ‘lightning bolt’ sign specified by Google or the ‘amp’ phrase placed under the images are considered to be among the sites that offer quick access using this technology. Moreover, amp is offered as an add-on in “WordPress“, one of the most widely used content management systems all over the world.

what does amp do

Since the caches of the websites using ampare already loaded into Google, there is no need to load the cache during the opening phase of the pages. In this way, the cache loading process, which extends the opening time of web pages, is eliminated with the amp application. Thanks to this process, web pages whose cache is pre-loaded with Google can be opened in seconds whenever needed.

As visitors get quick access, the reach and circulation rate of the site also increases. AMP coding, which enables pages to be opened very quickly on mobile, also provides great benefits because it can be applied by everyone. amp, which is among the most natural and useful ways to increase site traffic, also helps you gain more reach and interaction.

Increasing the mobile experience as it offers users the advantage of fast access, amp also contributes to SEO processes that are critical for websites. amp, which significantly increases the loading speed, is also a very efficient technology in terms of accelerating organic traffic. Especially in e-commerce sites, AMP helps users quickly see information such as images and prices, and prevents you from losing your impatient followers to competing sites.

what does amp do
what does amp do

amp applications, which also contribute to the purchasing speed of users, are also offered as an effective solution for increasing sales rates, especially in e-commerce sites. It draws attention as a useful technology for websites that want to increase their organic traffic. amp, which is a very effective technology in terms of seo benefits, can be beneficial in moving your page to the top of mobile searches.

AMP technology is also among the first choices of sites that want to increase their conversion rate. AMP, which enables page content, images and all other site elements to load extremely quickly, enriches the mobile experience of users. In addition, since the caches of the sites are kept within Google through AMP technology, fast loading can be seen in Google searches.

The fact that the site is very fast for visitors contributes to increasing conversion rates. It is also possible to add ads to pages with AMP application. It is also possible to add custom functions to sites using mobile AMP. According to the Penguin Algorithm Update offered by Google, pages using AMP can now be displayed at the top of the search results.

how to install amp?

It is recommended that you continue to use the standard version of your page while installing AMP. The reason for this is shown as the fact that both versions continue to serve their users. Installing AMP for WordPress users is quite simple. For AMP, which is offered as a plugin on WordPress, the AMP Plugin must first be downloaded and installed. After this process, the posts on the page become compatible with AMP.

In order for the entire page to work with the AMP application, the second plugin file needs to be downloaded and installed. WordPress also maintains the special support team it has set up for AMP. You can solve all your AMP-related questions by contacting WordPress support. In this way, you can benefit from both fast and secure installation and provide your page followers with a unique speed experience.

Downloading the AMP plugin on WordPress is extremely easy. You can download the add-on to your computer by clicking on the link of the add-on and pressing the “download” button. You can perform your site acceleration process with AMP immediately after installing the plugin. After creating the plugin, you need to make some notifications to Google. Otherwise, the amp installation process cannot be completed. After the process, you can report the pages that you have made an AMP add-on to Google by using “Google Search Console”.

Thanks to the notifying Google technology, you can instantly forward the error reports that occur with AMP and play a role in detecting and resolving existing errors. You can click on the “Search View” of the Google Search Console to access the current amp error reports. Finally, you should not forget to encode “/amp/” to the articles of the page you have installed AMP. When you complete these processes, your site will easily reach the speed you expect.

how to remove amp from wordpress?

When you want to remove AMP from your website, the first thing you need to do is delete the amp plugin you installed before. For this, it is enough to find the phrase Accelerated Mobile Pages in the applications and make it passive. After this stage, you can download the application called “Redirection” by accessing the plugins installation area. After downloading this application, you can uninstall AMP by clicking on the “Add Redirection” field.

can an amp application be made on a site with special codes

Adding the site’s developer to the sites where special coding is used can give more accurate results. Although the sites that have been coded with the JavaScript framework are amp compatible, it is recommended that the coding process be done by the same developer. In this way, AMP can also be applied to specially coded sites. However, this should be done by experts. Otherwise, negative results may occur.


Can amp be installed on ”.net” sites

One of the JavaScript encodings, AMP can be installed on .net sites. However, this process takes place under very difficult conditions compared to other processes. In order for this process to take place, first of all, site developers need to do some coding. AMP application can be made to these sites only after the HTML coding has been converted to CSS coding. After the conversion, amp installation can be started by installing “AMP ServiceWorker”.

amp, which can be applied to all websites and carries you to the high speed of the age with its powerful effect, is among the current, effective and beneficial technological developments in every aspect. The application also produces positive results, such as your site fully responding to users’ searches and you can get effective feedback. You can also make your site more functional by installing AMP.

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