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what is my ip address

what is my ip address

Each computer has a device identifier number. An ip (internet protocol) address is the identifying number that distinguishes a device that uses the Internet for communication in a computer network from other devices.

In its simplest form, it is the identification number of our ip devices.ad

An ip address consists of four numbers separated by periods; For example, your ip address is”. IP Address enables a computer on the internet to be easily found by other devices.

The websites we navigate on the Internet are connected to a server. The IP addresses of the computers we call servers direct us to the site. In other words, if you know the IP address of a site, you can connect to the website by typing this address in your browser.

However, since this set of numbers is difficult to remember, there is a domain name for every ip address.

what is my ip address
what is my ip address

Accessing a website by IP address is quite easy. However, accessing computers via ip address is extremely difficult. This is because websites want to be easily accessible to users. However, due to security measures on computers and other internet-connected devices, access over IP is extremely difficult. Even if you have advanced knowledge to access a computer, you may not be successful.

A network consisting of computers (Domain Name Servers – Domain Name Server – DNS) in Internet Service Providers keeps the information of which domain name corresponds to which IP address and directs you to the correct addresses when you enter the domain name in your web browser. The processing of traffic on the Internet depends on these IP addresses.

Therefore, we can compare IP addresses to license plates. Since each domain name has an ip address defined, redirects to the correct address occur without any confusion on the internet.

When you connect to the Internet, your computer is assigned an ip address. These IP addresses are usually dynamic IPs. In other words, a free IP address is assigned to you by your service provider. Therefore, the last number of your IP address changes with each connection.

Some IP addresses are fixed, meaning IP addresses never change. Fixed IP addresses are also called Static IPs.

The IP address determines which network or service provider that device uses and from which location it connects to the internet. The Internet Service Provider defines a unique IP address for each device that connects to the Internet.

The ip address also allows one device to communicate with another device via the internet. Two devices with known IP addresses can interact with each other, even if they are connected to the Internet over different networks, as long as they are connected to the Internet.

ip address inquiry

ip address query is a process to determine from which location an internet-connected device or a website connects to the internet, which internet service provider and network it uses. One of the frequently asked questions by internet users is what is my IP address? Because it is, it is quite simple to find out the IP address nowadays.

The ip address of a device can be easily determined by performing search engine queries regarding the IP address on that device or by using simple web tools. The IP address, which can change in the background while you connect to the internet, is expressed with 4 8-bit numbers separated by dots. These numbers, called Öktet (Octets), have a maximum of 3 digits and are not greater than 254.

ip address inquiry
ip address inquiry

how to find ip address?

Theip addresses required for data exchange between two addresses are of two different types: private IP addresses and public IP addresses. Confidential addresses cannot be detected by everyone, even if they operate on the internet network.

For example, when connecting to the Internet at home, your computer’s private IP address is transferred to your modem, while you connect to the Internet via your modem’s public ip address.

For this reason, even if you know someone’s IP address, you can only find out in which city the server to which the modem is connected is located. However, ip address learning is a very curious subject, although it does not usually work for you. If you want to know your IP address, you can follow the ways below.

how to find my ip address
how to find my ip address
  • Finding ip address using command prompt

Press the Windows + R keys simultaneously, type “CMD” in the opened field and press the “Enter” key.

Type “ipconfig” and press the “Enter” key. Thus, you can see the information of all network connections on your computer. Connection types can include Active Connection, Wireless Network Connection, Ethernet, or Local Area Connection. In your active connection type, IPv4 information refers to your IP address.

how to find ip address
how to find ip address
  • Finding ip address using network connections
      • Go to the Start Menu.
      • Open Control Panel.
      • Click on My Network Places.

changing ip address via modem

The simplest way to change the IP address is to turn your modem off for a few minutes and then turn it on again. In this way, your ip address will change without any extra settings. However, for users who want to connect from IP addresses in different locations, we have compiled for you how to change the IP address.

changing ip via computer

In order to change your ip address, you must first find the IP address of your computer’s Default Gateway. You will need this IP address during your transactions.

To find out your Default Gateway IP address, follow the Start – Run – CMD steps and enter the ipconfig command in the command window that opens. You can see the IP address of the Default Gateway in the information that appears on the screen.

Next, Desktop – Right Click on Network Icon – Properties – On the Left Side Tab Click on Change Adapter Settings – Right Click on Connection Type Then Click Properties

Click Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4). On the screen that appears, you can now define an ip address for your computer. Check the box for Use IP Address below. Here, the IP address to be used for your computer will be defined.

After completing these processes, you can click the OK button to finish the process. You should check your IP address and default gateway to avoid problems such as IP conflicts or not being able to connect to the internet.

what is ip conflict

You can fix the problem by changing the ip address you have defined to your computer with a different IP address.

what is ip conflict
what is ip conflict

As an Example: You can change the Incorrect IP Address You Have Defined to or instead of, and you can fix the problem. In short, it does not have the same IP Address as the computers on your network.

Also make sure you have entered the Default IP address correctly. If an incorrect Default ip address is defined, you will have connection problems.

is it possible to find address arom ip?

Yes, it is possible to access the address information with the ip number. However, you can only find the service provider and location of a device whose IP address you know. It is not possible to access its full address.

In some cases, this location information may be shown as a city. You can learn your location with websites specially prepared to find location information via IP address. It should be noted that the information contained in such services is not reliable.

static ip number and dynamic ip number

IP addresses are divided into static and dynamic. Static IP address; It is a permanent ip address that remains unchanged. The dynamic IP address, on the other hand, is the IP address that emerges as a result of the temporary identification of the currently available IP to you by your service provider each time you connect to the internet.

Static IP addresses are assigned to the computer manually by an administrator. Dynamic IP addresses are automatically assigned by the server software.

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