what is wordpress

what is wordpress?

what is wordpress
what is wordpress

wordpress is one of the most popular content management systems in the world. To summarize in a single word, wordpress-based sites make up a very large part of the internet, approximately 30%.

The majority of this ratio consists of blogs and e-commerce sites. With the word “wordpress” searched on Google 2.8 million times every month, a total of 19.500.000 web sites use the wordpress infrastructure.

This does not include wordpress sites built on normal hosting. So what makes wordpress so special? I would like to list a few prominent features in the list below.

  1. User-friendly management panel
  2. More than 120 language options
  3. SEO friendly link and code structure
  4. Hundreds of thousands of themes support
  5. Hundreds of thousands of plug-ins support
  6. Thousands of developers and designers from all over the world

blogging with wordpress

best wordpress plugins
best wordpress plugins

As with any website building, you will need a few requirements to have a blog with wordpress. To take a brief look at these requirements; domain name, web hosting package and optional ssl certificate.

Before I explain all this, I would like to tell you that you can open a completely free blog with wordpress. If you do not have a budget that I can allocate for needs such as domain name and hosting, you can open a free blog using the wordpress infrastructure. To do this, just visit wordpress.com, if you say what is the difference between wordpress.com and wordpress.org;

  1. You install the files you download from wordpress.org to your own hosting package and you will be in full control.
  2. If you set up a blog on wordpress.com, a lot of space on your site will be limited and wordpress ads will be displayed in many areas. In addition, if you pay a domain name and do not integrate your own domain name, you will have a site address as your blog.wordpress.com.

All the steps I will explain in this article will be self-host, that is, the web site installation prepared with wordpress.org infrastructure, which you can install on your own web hosting package and use your own domain name.

What is a domain name?

To put it briefly, “domain name” ie domain; is the address of your website. The annual fee is an average of $ 5-10. You have to renew your domain name every following year.

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is a repository where you host all the files and database (content, user information, setup files, database, etc.) files of your website. It will be enough to take advantage of a special wordpress hosting service for wordpress or a linux-based hosting package.

The reason why hosting prices are variable is related to the difference in the service offered to you.

What is SSL certificate?

SSL is a security protocol that encrypts data transfer transactions made over internet pages and enables them to be transmitted to the opposite server.

Websites with SSL certificate are displayed as “https” in the browser bar. Google has mentioned that after its latest update, websites that do not have an SSL certificate will decline in the rankings.

Therefore, if you want to reach more customers and readers by rising on Google, you must have an SSL certificate on your website.

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