What should we pay attention to when buying hosting?

Which hosting should I get?

What should we pay attention to when buying hosting?

hosting means hosting as the word. If we summarize the systems that provide hosting services, we can explain as systems in which various information is kept in computers that are more powerful than a normal computer connected to a very good internet and the user can access this information quickly 24/7.

At this stage, the difference between hosting and server is often confused. Therefore, it is necessary to briefly mention the difference between these two concepts. Who stores data and files belonging to your site; These computers, which provide access to users, are called web servers, in other words web server.

This data storage and publishing process is web hosting. So what should be considered when choosing hosting? Let’s focus on this issue …


Operating system matters! hosting is divided into two as linux and windows. This will vary depending on the platform you will be using. The most important point to consider when choosing one of these two hosting platforms is the coding language of your website

If your website’s coding is written in .ASP and .ASPX languages, you should choose Windows hosting because Linux does not support these two languages. If PHP language is used in the coding of your website, you should choose Linux hosting.

Web Space or Hosting Area is the width of the area where the articles, videos and pictures you will use on your website will be stored. Buying more than the space you need while creating your website is both unnecessary in terms of use and will cause you to spend unnecessarily financially

For example, buying a space of 3-4 Gb for a website with only text content of 5-6 pages will not be of any use to you. It will even hurt.

If video and photo content is heavy on your website, even 3-4 Gb of space will not be enough for you. Of course, if you wish, you can start with 3-4 Gb and expand the web space of your website according to the needs of your site.

what is hosting
what is hosting

You should increase your hosting package in proportion with visitor traffic

Site Traffic; It is a matter of how many people enter your site at the same time. The excess of your site content and the proportion of the audience you address are the most important factors that will affect this traffic. For this reason, you should choose your hosting according to the estimated number of users it will attract per month.

If your choice does not adequately meet the number of users you will attract per month, your site will crash after your traffic quota is filled, and your site will probably not be accessible until the next month. In such a case, you can switch to a hosting package with a high traffic quota and keep your site running.

Is your database MySQL Or MsSQL? Database; It is the name given to the area where data is stored, where this data is added, deleted and updated. Every time the site is opened, the data contained in the site is extracted from the database and presented to the user.

Database types included in hosting packages are divided into two as MySQL and MsSQL. If your website is prepared with PHP, you need to choose a hosting with MySQL database feature. If your site’s software is .ASP or .ASPX, your database selection should be in favor of a MsSQL-enabled hosting.

MySQL database is easier to use than MsSQL database. Also, MySQL is more reliable and much faster. How many e-mail addresses will you open? How many e-mail addresses can be opened in the hosting packages to be purchased, it should be paid attention to and a preference should be made accordingly.

web hosting service
web hosting service

Determine subdomain number! These are the domains that will be created under the main domain of your site. You should determine your subdomain number according to the scope of your website.

If you plan to include projects such as blog or forum pages on your site, the number of subdomains in your hosting package should also be selected to be sufficient in this context.

If you choose the hosting by considering all these items mentioned above, the future of your website will progress in a healthier direction.

For this reason, the website to be built should be analyzed very well according to its content, target audience and potential, and the website architecture you will create should be built by taking all these items into account.

Do i choose domain for my business?

Domains are actually rented, not sold. When you register a domain name, you will be charged an annual registration fee unless you specifically make a longer choice. When the same period comes every year, you can continue to use it by paying the registration fee for this domain.

what is hosting
what is hosting

If you do not pay the renewal fee before the deadline, the system will hold the domain name for a while so that you can only register it. After this period, the domain name becomes in vain.

The domain name you have chosen for your business, consisting of words belonging to the work you do, the service you provide or the product and product group you sell, or containing key search words may give you an advantage in this regard.

Why choosing hosting is important for my business?

There are some critical issues as long as your website is live. Criteria such as speed, security, continuity are the subjects that are sought on a website and are mostly directly related to your hosting service.

In addition, in terms of SEO (search engine optimization), these issues are important situations that are considered and periodically examined.

Search engines are constantly trying to show users the best results. At this stage, it aims to create the best user experience. Therefore, it would be wise to comply with those criteria.

Secure hosting service

One of the most important issues for visitors and search engines is security. Imagine people visiting your website infected with a virus from your site. Or, remember that you are constantly generating spam because of security problems on your website. Or there may be an attack on the server.

A hosting company that is not competent in these matters may cause you damage. hosting companies that care about security will not let you have such problems.

There may also be security services that you have to offer to users. Getting SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate service will prevent many problems. Also, question the measures taken by the hosting company against DDoS or some other attacks.


Hosting area

Although the space of the website you will create on the server does not change the fee up to a certain level, it may require additional fees. It is useful to choose the right hosting package for you.

Hosting traffic

Depending on the service or products you provide on your website, there will be data traffic generated by visitors. At this stage, it is useful to be forward-thinking.

If you calculate the traffic your site will make at the lowest limit, your website may be interrupted due to your traffic due to this hosting package.

We can compare this issue to quota internet packages. You should also pay attention to this issue when choosing your hosting package.

 web hosting
web hosting

Subdomain service

Creating subdomains is done through cPANEL, one of the services provided by your hosting company.

Again, you can create varying numbers of subdomains depending on the service pack you receive. It can be described as creating a new website by creating a new domain name under your subdomain domain name.

It can be used for various purposes.

Websites broadcasting in different countries or languages, dealership organizations can get the opportunity to create many different websites with subdomain.

For example; We can publish our website belonging to domain in English with subdomain. If you are going to use subdomains, it is useful to learn how many subdomains you can create in which package.

 web hosting
web hosting

E-mail subject in hosting selection

Companies create corporate e-mails using their website domains. It is important for your corporate image to make your corporate correspondence through these e-mail addresses and to carry out offers and commercial relations through these e-mails.

In terms of hosting, the number of e-mails affects the space they occupy on the server due to the data required to be stored in each e-mail box and is important in this respect.

For this reason, how many employees you will have and how much will be the capacities of these e-mail addresses. Choose your hosting package according to the number of e-mails you will use.

At this stage, you now know what to focus on in general. You can start making your choices about domain and hosting from here. If you want to research by adding more criteria to these general criteria, it is useful to read our articles on the relationship between seo hosting and domain SEO. We wish you good luck.

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