wordpress.org vs wordpress.com

wordpress.org vs wordpress.com

wordpress-based websites offer many advantages to their users. When anyone who wants to set up a website and uses wordpress, he has a site with two different names.

On the website, wordpress.com or wordpress.org users can choose the one that suits them. Although this issue has been discussed for a long time, people who know what they want can easily set up their websites.

The easiest way to know this preference is to know the differences between wordpress.com and wordpress.org.

about wordpress.com


wordpress.com appears as a hosting name created by wordpress. This domain name is free and will not do any special work on any subject and is mostly used by people who use websites as a hobby.

In short, wordpress.com is a blog domain like Google and Blogger. However, it should not be forgotten that wordpress always offers more features to its users. The number of themes in wordpress is quite high.

You can use your own domain name to create a blog with wordpress.com (paid feature) or you can use it with the free domain extension wordpress offers you. Sample; like youarewebsite.wordpress.com.

As I mentioned above, you can create a free blog with this feature. Also in the free version you do not have access to premium themes and plugins. Therefore, you will definitely need to upgrade to a paid version.

In order to use extra features such as Google Analytics, Search Console, and seo, you must switch from the free version to the paid version. If you are going to set up a corporate website or e-commerce site, wordpress.com may not be the ideal solution for you.

Because in e-commerce sites, you may need too many modifications and you may need to use too many add-ons. Unfortunately, even if you upgrade to the paid version, some features will be limited.

about wordpress.org



Although wordpress.org is a non-commercial, non-profit open source software, you need to download wordpress files and install them in your hosting package to have this system.

With this system, it is more difficult to own a website than register at wordpress.com. In addition, an important feature that distinguishes these two names from each other is that wordpress.com is paid.

The comparison to be made between these two systems can provide clearer information about the name of the website to open.

You need some requirements in order to have a website with wordpress.org First of all, you need a domain name, a domain. Then you have to buy web hosting.

By connecting these two together, you can install your wordpress site by uploading your files downloaded from wordpress.org to your hosting package.

Most hosting companies allow you to automatically install the wordpress system via CPANEL or PLESK panel.

When you create a website with wordpress.org, you will have many features. The biggest advantage is that the control is completely on the site. The biggest disadvantage is the security problems that may occur on your site.

But don’t worry, I have prepared a very detailed content about wordpress security measures for you. So what are the biggest differences between these two systems? Let’s take a look together;

Differences between wordpress.com and wordpress.org

  1. Domain Difference: Websites opened with wordpress.com will have WordPress.com extension. This nomenclature is called a subdomain. A sub domain is known as a sub domain. Normal domains do not receive attachments, but subdomains receive additional. The subdomain explains why the websites’ names end with WordPress.com. Users who do not want their website to have an extension can only have a com extension for a small amount of money.
  2. Theme and Plugin Difference: While there are a certain number of themes offered to people who set up a website with wordpress.com, there are thousands of themes in the wordpress.org system. The high number of themes makes the wordpress.org system attractive. Themes are of great importance in business life. People who constantly share photographic content on their website should soon upgrade their account for a fee.
  3. Ads and Money: It is possible to open a website and produce content and make money with the advertisements that will come with it. However, it is important that the people who will do this job make the right choice. wordpress.org system offers advantages in this regard. In this system, it is possible to advertise almost everywhere on the website.
  4. Content Difference: Regardless of the purpose used by the users of the websites, their content is very important. In the wordpress.com system, the contents unfortunately do not make clear promises to be used all the time. Content servers in the wordpress.com system may shut down unexpectedly. This means that all accumulation is garbage. wordpress.org offers a guarantee to its users as their content is paid. The servers where the content is hosted are very secure. wordpress.org servers will not shut down unless there is an emergency.

Considering the features listed above, the differences between the two systems are striking. For professionals, WordPress.org should be a must, and of course those who want to monetize their website and have thousands of themes and content should definitely choose this.

The reason why the WordPress.com system is preferred is that it is free. People who do not have any commercial purpose or are not interested in advertising revenue can use WordPress.com with peace of mind. In addition, websites reserve the right to display ads for users who want to make money on WordPress.com. People who want to make money here can start making money using WordAds when they have 25,000 views per day.

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